Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Girls in Technology Launch Party

Ok folks, here it is, the one you've been waiting for. The disrupter "gets jiggy" at the Girls In Technology launch pahhhty organized by Bubblicious' Adriana Gascoigne, Julia French of Covered Communications and "Persuasion Agent," Laurie Ann Lassek. This may look like just a bunch of self-promotional interviews strung together, but there's a real story here. These are smart women doing smart things, and Cathy Brooks of Guidewire Group provides some very instructive insights 'bout halfway through for a nice narrative payoff...if'n I do say so m'self Hey it's only ~8 minutes. Have a snack or something…enjoy and learn.

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Lisa Padilla said...

Interesting related article on girls in IT:


As a "girl in technology" I really appreciate people like Cathy Brooks, thanks for this interview Jeff. She's got a brain and makes true contributions to our industry.